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About BuyHonest

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Who We Are

Buyhonest.com is the official Online Retailer for BuyHonest, Inc. Our headquarters are located in the high-tech capital of the world known as Silicon Valley, California. We were originally founded by a small group of professionals, who had a combination of Vast Professional Experience, Market Knowledge, and a strong drive to give consumers, installers, and DYI-home improvers a One-Stop shop for all their electronics needs.

Why Buy From BuyHonest.com

Low Prices & Great Deals – BuyHonest.com gets our products directly from the top manufacturers in the world. Effectively, this has cut out the middleman, and translates into giving our customers the absolute lowest prices, anywhere, anytime.

Huge Selection – BuyHonest.com has the largest selection of products on the internet, Hands Down! Our product list includes any and every possible item that you need for your electronics needs.

Customer Service – The secret to a successful business is not just low prices, and great products (although those two things are awesome), but it is also the ability of a business to listen to its clients, and evolve accordingly to their wants, and needs. The founders of BuyHonest.com realized long ago that Customer Service is the #1 MOST IMPORTANT characteristic of any business. That is why we have invested a great deal of time, and money, in providing our customers with the best customer service on the Internet, Period. So it is no surprise that BuyHonest.com has the most loyal customer base in the electronics industry.


Feel the Confidence

  • Knowledgable Staff
  • Years of experience
  • Electronics enthusiasts
  • 7 days a week of support
  • Quality you can depend on
  • Excellent customer service
  • Years of experience
  • No mark ups
  • Trusted sources

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